Maureen Gopher Gomez (Your Husband Had A Tan Across The Lizard)

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oh, funny how when you're dead you don't move<br&> do you, maureen gopherhead gomez?<br&> i picked you up in mexico<br&> your husband had a tan across the lizard<br&> which he had tattooed below his waist<br&> we didn't waste no time, i had a fine time<br&> guadalajare nights<br&> tight times with lizard boys<br&> oh, the tounges were lisping<br&> all night and day we played in the beach

simmer, summer, simmer down boys<br&> a bloated sailfish rolling through<br&> gomez, maureen gopher gomez<br&> sucking on her pez toy with the head of a bullfrog on top<br&> oh, the candies were good<br&> but not as good as your husband when he and i snuck out that night<br&> we set out to discover the sexual ectsasies of the cacti<br&> oh, what we learned in the desert<br&> ah, it was better than dessert

don't forget to write, maureen<br&> i've heard you've joined the wax<br&> i myself, as man, had joined the marines<br&> that's where i met your husband<br&> heh heh, oh maureen<br&> oh maureen<br&> leave us alone, we'll tan on the beach all night and day<br&> throughout our lives we'll spend<br&> spend the money to get the tattoo removed<br&> i didn't care for one lizard on top of the other lizard<br&> located beneath his gizzard

your husband, frank gomez<br&> (frank gomez) frankie baby<br&> (frank gomez) frankie honey<br&> (frank gomez) frankie sugar<br&> frankie dollface<br&> frankie dreamboat<br&> frankie love man<br&> frankie angel<br&> frankie<br&> pussy whipped frankie