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Welcome to Rosy Jack World, a fan site dedicated to The Frogs. The site is intended to be a collective hub of information regarding everything about the band and anything related to the band.

Two new albums by The Frogs

After an eleven year absence The Frogs have returned with not one, but two new albums: Count Yer Blessingsz and Squirrel Bunny Jupiter Deluxe. Both albums are available to buy via cdbaby here, here & also available to buy on itunes.

A message from Jimmy Flemion

Hello everybody. I set up a new p.o. box :

The Frogs P.O. Box 81234 Austin, TX 78708

To those of you who have expressed interest in sending fan mail, tapes and things, I appreciate your thoughtfulness. In the past we have allowed taping @ our shows, with the understanding whoever taped or filmed agreeing to send us a copy. Unfortunately more often then not, those who taped or filmed and said they would send us a copy never did. That was one of the main reasons we reluctantly allowed taping or filming. If some of you are out there, I ask to do the right thing and please, send your tapes, cd's or dvd's to the new p.o. box. It would mean so much to me, especially now.

Also, I've started a blog @, stay tuned.

My greatest challenge is communication, as well as my greatest reward.

From my heart to yours, Jimmy

How You Can Help

As the site is wiki based, anyone can add information to the pages. Due to the amount of spam the previous site i've restricted who can edit the pages. Only specific users will be given priviledges to be able to create and edit pages.

If you would like to contribute to the site then please send me an email at If you have any information about the band no matter how small then please email me at the same email address. Also any photos or scans you may have, show information (setlists\reviews\experiences\etc...), anything related to The Frogs would be very much appreciated.

Official Pages

Where to buy official releases

  • Amazon US and Amazon UK (They should also be available to buy on the international sites too)
  • CD Baby
  • iTunes
  • T-Shirts are available to order on The Frogs myspace page
  • You can also try Amazon and eBay for second hand cd's and merchandise.

Dennis Flemion

A beautiful soul who's sadly missed, the legacy of his and Jimmys work deserves to live on and spread throughout the World!