Love In The Sand

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my head 'neath the rock<br&> where we laid by the dock of our bed<br&> oh love in the sand<br&> i held your scaly hand<br&> most women don't hold mine<br&>

what a fine specimen of a boy you turned out to be<br&> you dropped down to your knees<br&> you dropped your trousers 'neath the palm bush<br&>

a cool breeze blew through me<br&> as you blew me a kiss<br&> you blew other things that night<br&> i've gotta admit you were tight<br&> we were close, close enough to part<br&>

i never saw you again after that night<br&> actually morning<br&> the light fell upon my penis<br&> and in the distance a sailboat swam away and cried<br&>

i lied on the beach<br&> and lied to myself that you loved me<br&> the seagulls were no comfort, believe me<br&>

and now it's goodbye<br&> and i kiss the rock upon which i buried your body<br&> la dee dee, i buried your body<br&> la dee do, your rotting fucking body<br&> don't ever cross a faggot<br&>