Love Grades' "Sexual Miss Conduct"

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they give you a's in love, i give you f's for love<br&> they gave you d's in life, well i give you a's in death<br&> you're very good at dying<br&> you got a's in grammar, you got d's in dickmanship<br&> you got b's in beaver, c's in cunt action woman<br&> woman when will you learn?<br&> this is a man's world with men's sperm<br&>

you got a's in assholeship, you got f minus in fucking<br&> you got u's in underwear searching<br&> did you find what you were looking for?<br&> outside your horny panties were wringing with sweat<br&> the principal was baptized in hell<br&> hell broke loose<br&>

the principal got a p for pussy, he got a d for detention<br&> he got a p for your pussy, he pissed on your pussy and got another p<br&> he got a j for the jail cell he was sent to<br&> you never heard of these grades<br&> girl, you made the grade in my book more than once, you're my sex slave<br&>

you got a's in the afterworld<br&> you got d's for diaper rash when your devil worship went to hell<br&> your cunt was flowing over with coal manure<br&> and your beaver stunk from banana juice<br&>

what school did you go to, woman?<br&> or were you a man or whatever