Liquid (Pimp) Whore

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death came slowly to the spade<br&> he was buried in an unmarked grave<br&> on his three year old birthday<br&> the child of the liquid pimp whore<br&> adorable slut going door to door<br&> can i check your laundry?<br&> can i check your balls for a quarter? ah-ha-ha<br&> liquid whore, scrub down your walls and maybe i'll do the floors<br&> you look like this could take a while<br&> i may have to clean the whole joint down<br&> make it beautiful in style<br&> liquid whore spade<br&> got it made in the shady world she lives in<br&> oh who will save her, not the milkman<br&> who will make her, any man or woman will take her hand<br&> lead her into each and every one of their private lands<br&> what they'll find there<br&> oh, how they'll dine there<br&> and when it's over and done, they've all had their fun<br&> it's goodbye, take your bags, go home<br&> liquid spade spicking whore, go on your way<br&> here's your quarter, thanks for cleaning up the place<br&> now go home, go home<br&> i mean it, go home<br&> get off of that raspberry throne<br&>