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Introduction by Jimmy Flemion

Song 8 off of our LP "Hopscotch Lollipop Sunday Surprise", is "Know It All". It was written on June 2, 1991 and June 3, 1991. The music was written on June 2, 1991 in twenty minutes between 7:50 A.M. and 8:10 A.M. To know all the lyrics to "Know It All", you only need the know how and the know-ledge on how to follow the following words :<br&>


Know it all, fuckin' know it all<br&> You're the teacher, the guru<br&> So you should know already<br&> How to blow me<br&>

Seen it all, fuckin' seen it all<br&> Buddah's nothin', Jesus last week<br&> How's it feel to have blown me?<br&>

You're buildin' a house<br&> But you forgot to make a door<br&> You're buildin' a house<br&> Usin' the cross for two by fours, yeah<br&>

Know it all, fuckin' know it all<br&> You're the teacher, the guru<br&> So you should know already<br&>

Know it all, fuckin' know it all<br&>


The chord progression for the verse / chorus is : E minor / C Major 7 / G Major / E minor / F Major / D Major / B 7 / E minor. The chord progression for the middle eight is : G Major / D Major / A minor 7 / G Major / F Major 9.<br&>

Know it all, fuckin' know it all. I worked with 2 women at an ingredient control room job, where the 3 of us were responsible for all the completed tasks. Both of the women were lazy and would sit around and eat, until the buzzer would ring or the door would open, with a supervisor or employee requesting something and at that time the 2 co-"workers" of mine would jump up and pretend to be working. I took on the majority of the duties which required some heavy lifting. The supervisors were well aware of the circumstances, including that one of the women who was hired with me, could not and would not complete her duties, along with an attitude. On top of this, on a yearly basis, superior performances were handed out, along with a cash bonus, and she received an award, and I did not. This song was written about her. You're the teacher, the guru. I love learning. It quite delights the ego. The spirit in a love embrace with the friendly universe. Whatever you have done has brought you to here. The journey continues. Go Journey, go Journey. I remember a woman at a nightclub called Park Avenue, a long time ago told me her favorite singer was Steve Perry. At the time I cringed at the sound of his voice. Years later as a guilty pleasure, when I hear him singing, I not only can tolerate it, but actually love the beauty of it. When you can sing, I mean truly sing, you can all drop your musical instruments, for therein lies the magnet and the magic and the power. Nothing can touch it or top it. Go humans, go humans. So you should know already. To know is to be aware. To be aware is presence. Presence is the point. I bought the album "Presence" by Led Zeppelin the first day it came out. "Achilles Last Stand" is one of my favorite songs by them. When Robert Plant sings the "I know the way" refrain in the song, you shake your head back and forth. It is a woven spell for your enjoyment. I bought the album "Physical Grafitti" by Led Zeppelin at Galaxy Of Sound the first day it came out. In 1975, I had started my Led Zeppelin worship. I had the all color snapshot collage Led Zeppelin poster on my wall next to my Jethro Tull and ELP posters. I went to the mall and had an iron on Led Zeppelin shirt made. I saw "The Song Remains The Same" movie opening night in the theatre. Jimmy Page is one of, if not my favorite guitarists ever. His trademark stutter stop technique is priceless and original. How to blow me. From what I hear, I am told oral sex is a magnificent experience. Fuckin' seen it all. I've seen enough of the world to know, that I've got to get it all to get it all to grow. Remember when I joined Matthew Sweet on stage to sing "Do Ya" by ELO or Roy Wood at Summerfest and I jumped off the stage with the microphone in my hand. The crowd there that night are still recovering from that rivoting religious rollercoaster ride. Buddah's nothin', Jesus last week. They were both charming and 3 weeks ahead of the curve. How's it feel to have blown me? You gotta ask yourself. Do you chalk it up on your wall? Do you write about it in your secret diary? Windy is an uncommon and unusual name. By all accounts we now know what The Association were singing about in their song "Windy", as you associate their lyrics "Who's bending down to give me a rainbow?". You're buidin' a house. That's right, I am not mister fix it, home improvement guy. But you forgot to make a door. That's an easy out. You're buildin' a house usin' the cross for two by fours, yeah. That is sacreligious. That is where I draw the line and how I end this blog. You should have known this blog would end this way. Know it all.

The track "Know It All" contains acoustic and electric guitars and vocals by myself and keyboards and backing vocals by Dennis.<br&>