Joseph Crowfish

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oh hello joe<br&> haven't seen you in a while<br&> i love your sexy little smile joe<br&> joe, how's it going down by the pond?<br&> are you still as fond of the ducks as i am?<br&> you look a little like the son of sam<br&> joe, ho ho, joe, joseph crowfish<br&> joseph, playing with your crawfish in the turf<br&> i guess you caught it with the piece of dental floss<br&> you found when you were rummaging through the garbage<br&> just don't use your teeth with it<br&> joe, joseph crowfish who caught the little crawfish<br&> oh joey joe joe as we call you<br&> joe joe, no, no, no<br&> take it out of your teeth<br&> throw the floss away<br&> take it out of your teat<br&> joe you turned out to be a woman after all<br&>