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she was jasmine<br&> she ruled the grass (marijuana)<br&> we used to lay there, lay there<br&> and watch time pass, time pass, with jasmine<br&> the lovely girl, before her it was cryptic<br&> her name was cryptic, we hung out by the cemetary<br&> she used to carry a canary to the cemetary<br&> and i thought we should of buried the bird<br&> then i had the nerve to ask her father for her hand<br&> "father can i have the chicks hand?"<br&> little did i know, her father had the hots for me (hot, hot)<br&> his name was larry fairy, he bought the canary in the first place<br&> one day i'm gonna dig up the bird and throw away the key<br&> jasmine, jasmine, i'm going back to jasmine, jasmine tennessee<br&>