Jap Boy In Pink

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don't know where you came from, but i like your style<br&> give us a little time alone together, give us a while<br&> jap boy in pink, love you, wink at me one more time<br&> jap boy in pink, give us a wink just one more time<br&> love what you're doing here on your motorcycle<br&> you really can grind, you really unwind<br&> drinking your wine on your bicycle<br&> so come on jap boy in pink<br&> when you ride on your motorcycle<br&> the boys who are jealous say "you stink"<br&> but you're all mine, jap boy in pink<br&> jap boy in stink<br&> i'll buy you a mink<br&> maybe that will help<br&> jap boy in pink, boy, boy, you stink<br&> jap boy in pink with your blonde curly wig<br&> blonde curly wig, blonde jap boy<br&> you're dressed like mansfield<br&>