It's A Lovely Day (In Every Way)

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it's a lovely day, for lovely things<br&> and lovely ladies, and lovely, lovely, lovely, lovely times<br&> it's a lovely day, in a lovely way<br&> in every lovely way, it's a lovely day<br&>

but now the lollipop, it's a lollipop<br&> and a lovely day with the lovely ladies in the rain<br&> it's a lovely day, but the lovely ladies in their painted faces made of rain<br&> and the lollipops, everyone of them has lollipops, they lick them lovely<br&> it's a lovely day for the lollipops and their lovely ways<br&> and the lovely things we see with our eyes<br&>

but you know the lollipops only last so long<br&> the good times seem to end just when we thought they were beginning<br&> it's a lovely day, in a lovely may<br&> and the lovely days in their finery and the rain<br&> it's a lovely lollipop with the lovely rain drops<br&> and lolly tops and tippy tops again<br&> oh here comes the rain<br&>

it's a lovely day with the lollipops in the lovely rain<br&> and lovely days we spend out here in the snow<br&> it's a lovely day, it's a lovely day<br&> with the beethoven on our mind<br&> but he never got to eat no lollipops and the boys tippy tops would<br&> coming up today, like the rain with the lolly ways<br&> and the ways we sweetly kissed each other in the rain<br&>

oh the rain, the rain with the lolly rain<br&> and the rain and the lolly ways<br&> the lovely ladies on this lovely, lovely, lovely, lovely day<br&>