It's A Joke (This Deity On My Back)

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it's a joke, fucking joke<br&> it's a joke, it's not what you expected<br&> but who took the throne?<br&> the latest deity, we...<br&> it's a joke, ah ha ha ha ha ha ha<br&> it's a joke they worship, they worship at my feet<br&> take a look at me, take a good hard look<br&> you'll find fullfillment here in my arms<br&> just as the sight of me, your feelin' good<br&> your diseases are removed, it's a joke<br&> you were born with six heads, it's a joke<br&> you were born with twenty arms<br&> look at you playing pool and swimming, it's a joke<br&> but you've got to live with the fact<br&> that you've got this deity on your back, it's a joke<br&> it's a j, o, k, e, o<br&>