Is It Right To Kiss The Boys (When You're A Girl And Not A Boy?)

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is it right to kiss the boys<br&> when you're a girl and not a boy?<br&> i don't think so, 'cause i know so, it ain't good<br&> it's better to be a man, dip your fingers in the sand<br&> see what you can figure out with your thumb up a rump<br&>

oh baby boy, you're an infant in my arms<br&> charming rabbit slut boy<br&> where did you come from? was it england or tokyo?<br&> oh i can't remember but<br&>

is it right for you to kiss my bulge?<br&> is it right for you to change my big ripe light bulb lips?<br&> my swollen head is burning, we're both learning<br&> how t' have more fun than we could have with the girls<br&>

i told you they were wrong<br&> get outta their arms<br&> get into the man who's waiting for you<br&> with the charms of a god<br&> it's alright if he's a dirty old sod<br&> they're the best teachers<br&>

boys get hard<br&> i was, i have been hard since birth<br&> i'm available, beneath my skirt i'm really available<br&> here's a dime, call me up<br&> here better yet, here's a quarter<br&> see ya later<br&>