I Love Sex (It's All I Care About These Days)

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i'll witness as your lover<br&> i love sex, it's all i care about these days<br&> and i, i don't care, i really don't care 'bout nothing else<br&> sex with a man, as much as you can<br&> sex with the beast, have yourselves a feast<br&> i, i love, it starts with an ass and it ends with an axe<br&> it starts with an ass and it ends with a penis, a penis<br&>

as you know, you can't be caught short<br&> as you know, you gotta go all the way<br&> the one's who stop in the middle of play get the whip<br&> you know you're bound to be beaten like a slave with a whip<br&> but that's the way you wanted it, that's the way it's gotta be<br&> 'cause i love sex with you and me, sex with you and me<br&> are you a girl or are you a boy?<br&> woman or man?<br&> devil or toy?<br&> i don't care<br&> no matter what you're made out of we'll soon change things around<br&> you see i'm still changing, you'll change too<br&> yeah, you'll, you'll figure it out with that noose<br&> auto-eroticism rocks man, always has, always will<br&>