I Had A Dream

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i had an ice creem (as in the mag) dream. who didn't? and the words are:


'twas the oven of life<br&> i had no say<br&> so sorry, but i was made this way<br&>

like a pawn<br&> i worked away<br&> no pay, but i was made to pay<br&>

i had a dream<br&> but it turned to stone<br&> and all the flowers are now overgrown<br&> on the grave<br&>


simultaneously a story/song about my non-stop failure in the "biz" and King's dream as soliloquy unrequited. a reflective piece/peace w/apologies to no one. originally the conclusion of "uncle sam's cabin" aka "racially yours."<br&>

written by d.f. 5-29-91... tracked by d.f. 5-31-92<br&>

The chord progression for the verses is : C Major / G Major (C in bass) / F Major (C in Bass) / G Major (C in Bass). The first time build-up chord progression after these chords is : E minor / F major / E minor / F Major / G b Major / G Major / G 5 / G 7. The second time through build-up chord progression is : A minor / B b Major / A minor / F Major / G b Major / G Major / G 5 / G 7. The chord progression on the "grave" lyric section is C Major / A Sus 2 / C Major. The song ends with this chord progression : C Major / C Diminished / C Major.<br&>

-god is not pleased to be insulted when he wears his dark suits.<br&>