I Gotta Get Tanked, I Gotta Get Shit-faced (To Do What I'm Gonna Do Tonight)

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i feel so weird tonight<br&> i feel like i could do anything<br&> i could, i could win a major prize<br&> a match and fight with the greatest of the greats<br&> but first i need to get tanked, i got to get shit faced<br&> to do what i'm gonna do tonight<br&> to do what i'm gonna do<br&> i need something, maybe some drugs<br&> i gotta get some drugs<br&> and maybe i could find a nice filly to get down with<br&> and then maybe i could teach her a karma sutra position<br&> i could show mother theresa a thing or two about the lord<br&> oh they tried to stop me before<br&> i escaped and hid inside skid row for a long, long time<br&> they didn't find me, not for a long time<br&> i could teach people something about living<br&> lord knows i know enough about death<br&> oh i, i feel sexy<br&> i feel good enough<br&> i've got enough drugs in me now<br&> i think i can do my stuff<br&> maybe i should get drunk before i do my thing<br&> i got a thing about rape<br&> and i just like to do certain things they find questionable<br&> but i got, i got something they don't<br&> maybe that's what they're afraid of<br&>