I've Got A Thing About Blood (The Taste On My Tongue)

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i don't care how many people i've killed<br&> i have gotta have blood<br&> i gotta have a taste on my tongue<br&> i'm sorry your daughter isn't breathing too good no more<br&> i guess it's because she ain't, she ain't living no more<br&>

i have a thing about blood, gotta thing a...<br&> gotta thing about girls in undies<br&> and boys in underwear down throats<br&> i'll do what i want<br&> i'll make my own rules<br&> and i'll have to figure out<br&> where to bury these things when i'm done<br&> but i've got a, got a thing about blood<br&> just gotta have the taste on my tongue<br&> the taste on my tongue<br&>

i'll only take your life once<br&> i'll only take it for keeps<br&> your pain won't last long<br&> i've got a taste for these things<br&> a taste of blood on my tongue<br&> they'll be a lot of tears before i'm done<br&>