I'm The Candy Tiger (Zoo Keeper)

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i'm a tiger man<br&> you can't buy me off with your money<br&> you can't buy my love<br&> i'll give it to you free of charge<br&> i'm the candy tiger<br&> i live at the zoo<br&> it's in your room, your room of dreams<br&> i had a lotta dreams about you<br&> dreams about you and me and the corny flute you're blowing<br&> if you think it's bad now<br&> wait 'til we hook up the plow<br&>

i'm the zoo keeper<br&> but i've had a change of skin<br&> i've got stripes and i've got whiskers<br&> they say i'm tiger thin<br&> oh, furry all over<br&> ah, i no longer run the zoo<br&>

they captured my ass out in africa<br&> they captured my ass in asia<br&> oh well, when i left india<br&> i was a full grown specimen of a man i once knew<br&>

better get again<br&> better get behind the plow 'cuz<br&> du-da-dugga-dugga-da-da, well, du-da-dugga-dugga-da-da, well<br&> travellin' across the globe<br&> du-da-dugga-dugga-da-da, ah, du-da-dugga-dugga-da-da<br&> i've got the rump and the rope<br&> bu-ba-babababa-ba-ba, well, uh, aheh<br&> i got somethin' in my throat<br&> but du-du-dudududu-da-da, i'll never stop singing, da-da<br&> du-du-da, i'm such a happy joke<br&>