I'm So Scared Girl (At Last Count I Had Aids)

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oh i'm so scared girl<br&> you don't have hair like the boys<br&> you're unaware girl<br&> the duck decoys i've brought to the house are burning tonight<br&> the one gay duck had tears rolling down<br&> the sofa i sat on was wet<br&> your grandfather cuddled me kindly 'neath his loins<br&> but came midnight i had to go home

i went home to screw the bacon butch boy i knew from past experiences<br&> he was waiting, greased up hog-like and pretty-like<br&> like a lotta the boys, he was different than most<br&> his ghost bit a hole thought my ass<br&> at last count i had aids<br&> but i said like in the beginning, i'm not afraid