I'm Mad At You

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i'm mad at you<br&> you won't sleep in my bed no more<br&> 'cuz i'm sick of you<br&> you won't get past my drawers<br&> oh, i'm sorry<br&> it's too late!<br&> oh i don't know where i'll dispose of the body<br&> mexico seemed like a good enough place<br&> it happens to be my hobby<br&> amongst other things i'm sorry<br&> too late, i'm angry<br&> when i get mad, that's when i fist fuck<br&> it's outta sight, tonight, i'm sorry<br&> too late, i'm really pissed at the little boys tonight<br&> i may take it out with a wrist wrench<br&> oh, i'm really sorry<br&> fuck yourself, because i won't fuck you anymore<br&> you'll have to fuck yourself tonight<br&> you won't get near my bed, you may as well drop dead<br&> and i'll dispose of your body in guadalajare<br&> all you, you cuban exiles piss me off<br&> (especially when you're not gay)