I'm In Love w/a Man

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oh yeah yeah, the answer to my prayers<br&> oh it caught me unaware<br&> oh yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah<br&> a man in the bed next to me tonight<br&> can make everything alright<br&> woman just can't cut it anymore<br&> i'm out the back door and he's in mine<br&> now we're goin' fine<br&> now were feelin' great<br&> nothin' can stop us now<br&> i'm in love with a man with a tattoo of a banana on his arm<br&> yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah<br&> i'd make love with him in a barn no matter where<br&> wear him out like a sad man<br&> i'm in up to my head<br&> in men tonight, not tomorrow in the morning light<br&> yeah in my arms all the men in the world are tonight<br&> tomorrow in the cold morning light who knows<br&> i might not be there myself<br&> i may not be there myself<br&> i may be another man entirely<br&> yeah yeah so if, if you're sincere<br&> if you really want my address<br&> or not just fucking around with my head i'll give it to you<br&> i've never been to this bar before<br&> but yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, lets go home<br&> don't even know your name<br&> but just the same<br&> don't even know your name<br&> but just the same<br&> we'll both end up<br&> we'll both end up<br&>