I'm Evil, Jack

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i don't mind livin' without a heart<br&> i like fuckin' people over for a fuckin' start<br&> i like to kill, nobody gonna tell me what t' do<br&> i'll bite you black and blue<br&>

then later on when you're bleedin' dead<br&> i'll be laughin' right over your fuckin' face<br&> i'll be pissin' on your grave<br&> i'll piss on your grandma's tomb<br&> i'm evil, i'm evil, jack<br&>

i don't have no confessions<br&>

i got no conscience, i take lives<br&> as a bum would eat bread and butter, i'll take a life<br&> as a bum would take swig from a bottle a whiskey<br&> that's how i take your life missy<br&> i'm evil, jack<br&>

there was a priest<br&> who once tried to have a talk with me<br&> i wouldn't listen<br&> there was a priest<br&> who once tried to have a speech with me<br&> i got news for him, he's dead now<br&>

i'm evil, jack<br&> you better you better keep a lookout behind your back<br&> because i'm e-i-v-l j-a-c-k, jack<br&> i got no hang-ups about nothin'<br&> i'll take a life, i'll take more than a life<br&>

i'll take life over death<br&> no you won't after you meet me<br&>

i'm evil, jack<br&>

you might as well have a heart attack<br&> it's better than goin'...<br&> the way i'll get a hold of you<br&> the way you'll go<br&> i'll let you know i'm evil, jack<br&>