I'm Bi- (Goodbye- To One Of You)

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by seven o'clock it was over<br&> by seven-o-one it was done<br&>

and the priest said it would never last<br&> but i married a woman<br&> by seven-o-two on another day<br&> i, or someone who looked like me married a man<br&>

(ah ha ha)<br&> by now you know - i'm bi<br&> goodbye, for i'm bi - sexual<br&> (goodbye, bye, bye, bye, boy)<br&> bye, goodbye for now<br&> i'm bi<br&> (bye bye johnny boy)<br&>

and now my time at seven-o-five in some other week<br&> i don't have that much time<br&> to spend with two people<br&> i have to make up my mind<br&> do i want to be a homo or a hetero?<br&> or shall i remain bi?<br&> goodbye - to one of you<br&> i can't make up my mind if i'm bi<br&>

it's eight-o-one and i'm divorced<br&> (it's eight after five, according to my watch)<br&>