I'm Back To Women

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spitting out fire<br&> from the goat's milk i've drunk<br&> i feel like a punk with an earring up my balls<br&> i'm about to take a big fat fall though<br&> as you know<br&>

i'm back to women<br&> i couldn't keep it up<br&> they changed my mind around<br&> now i'm spitting out fire from my balls<br&> i know it's screwed up<br&>

but i'm, i'm back to women<br&> like i said, i couldn't keep it up<br&> i'm spitting out fire through all of my orifices<br&> and if that ain't enough<br&> i had to give up cologne<br&> i got all my hair removed<br&> shaved off, i used a big tube of the mean stuff<br&>