I'm A Jesus Child

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Introduction by Jimmy Flemion

The sixth track on The Frogs first LP is "I'm A Jesus Child". This is a song I improvised at home during a practice session with Dennis on January 12, 1986. It was then perfected during a sound check for a show in Milwaukee at Papagaio's on February 11, 1986. It is one of 3 songs improvised that appeared on the first LP


growin' up in a church, just like my dad<br&> you think you'd had enough<br&> but you never knew what you had<br&>

'cause i'm a jesus child<br&> i'm a jesus child<br&> and i think i'l stay this way for a while<br&> i'm a jesus child<br&> i'm a jesus child<br&>

i'm a jesus child<br&> i'm a jesus child, i'm all for god<br&> i'm a jesus child, i'm a jesus<br&> i'm a jesus child<br&>

tell your children to take my hand<br&> we're gonna travel across this crazy<br&> crazy, crazy land<br&> 'cause we're jesus children now<br&> and i'm a jesus<br&>

i'm a jesus child<br&> i'm a jesus child, i'm all for god<br&> i'm a jesus child, i'm a jesus<br&> i'm a jesus child, i'm all for god<br&> i'm a jesus child, i'm a jesus<br&> i'm a jesus child<br&>


The chord progression for the verses of the song is E Major / G b minor / E Major / G b minor / E Major / G b minor. The chorus chord progression is A Major / G b minor / A Major / G b minor / B Major. The bridge chord progression is E Major / D b minor / G b minor / B Major. <br&>

Are you spiritual Jimbo? Spiritual about what? This is the first of many songs with a religious tone, message or connotation. I was raised catholic and had my confirmation at the usual time one celebrates this occasion. I went to church on sundays with mother and father until the age of 18. I could hardly wait for the mass to end. It was not by personal choice to go to church but rather was a mandatory expectation I as the baby of the family played exquisitely. The priests' delivery would send one into a deep sleep. Repeating the words of the priest, mothers' voice would win the volume award during service. The songs and table of contents are embedded inside of me. Once when I was was about 10 or so I passed out in the second row in our pew. That was either from ( A ) an unusually hot day outside, ( B ) an unusually strong performance by the charismatic priest or ( C ) a medical condition. Answer ( D ). <br&>

I believe you take heaven and hell with you wherever you go. It is up to you what you wish to impart to this world. As Donovan Phillip Leitch once named his LP back in 1967 " A Gift From A Flower To A Garden". A spiritual awakening, the unfolding of the heart. Music by definition is spiritual. When the notes rise up one is reaching for the heavens and when the notes fall they represent the gifts coming down from the clouds. <br&>

The track "I'm A Jesus Child" contains a backing track that was cut live in the studio with bass guitar played by yours truly- bass lines written by Dennis, drums written and played by Dennis, acoustic guitar played by myself and vocals by myself. Later keyboards written and played by Dennis were added, acoustic guitar played by myself, another vocal by myself, backing vocals by dennis and a car recorded by Dennis passing by in the rain was placed onto a track as well. The car was later stricken from the mix because the engineer said he did not want it on the song and if we left it on the LP we could take his name off the credits. Someone should now remind him of an airplane on the song "Back In The U.S.S.R" by The Beatles and how it was Alan Parsons idea to put clocks at the beginning of the song "Time" by Pink Floyd. Both records have alledgedly sold modestly unitwise.<br&>

I know Elvis Costello once said on a rock 'n roll television programme how he didn't have any musical heroes. Speaking on behalf of rock stars personally I did worship these musicians or let's put it this way hung onto their every word as if they had the answers I was seeking. In this respect Jethro Tull, The Moody Blues, Donovan, Cat Stevens, Pete Townshend, George Harrison and Bob Dylan all made me discover my inherent divinity by virtue of their words and their own journeys.<br&>