Hooray, Boo Hoo

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hooray, you're alive<br&> boo hoo, you're gonna die<br&> this world is your two pence<br&> and nothing here will last<br&> and when it ends you will cry, cry, cry<br&> i've seen it all before<br&> i've seen those tears before<br&> so many, many times, times, times<br&> be glad, you're alive<br&> one day you're gonna die<br&> your magical leprechaun land<br&> and chocolate fairy dreams<br&> i hope they'll realise, 'lise, 'lise<br&> there's something more than this<br&> they're must be more than this<br&> or am i just so blind, blind, blind<br&> good luck while you're alive<br&> tough luck, you're gonna die<br&> your fucking cigarettes<br&> you people worship death<br&> why not end it all?<br&> you're living on the edge<br&> if that's the case, jump off<br&> your boredom makes you proud, proud, proud<br&> hooray, you're alive<br&> boo hoo, you're gonna die<br&>


Written by Jimmy, recorded on December 9th 1985.