Homo Dance (Like They Do In France)

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oh, oh, oh, let's rock<br&> get your cocks out boys<br&> oh, let's make some real noise<br&> tonight, oh the morning light<br&> sperm on the sheets<br&> oh, sperm spattering on my seat<br&> oh, uh, uh, uh, by-ya-by-ya-ya, ya-ya<br&> ooh, homo dance, like they do in france<br&> they dance all night, they go outta sight<br&> oh, fly your kite, i got some string at home<br&> i'm all alone, but boys...<br&> up thirteen flights of stairs<br&> you're gonna find yourself a prize up my shoveled chute<br&> like i said, rock all night, rock until the morning light<br&> when we get out the shovel<br&> shovel the shit out of my ass once and for all<br&> oh, i've gotta make a phone call<br&> what is the currency in france?<br&> oh, i danced with the ants<br&> oh, and i was made up like a bitch in heat in france<br&> oh, i became a woman with the change<br&> oh, i snuck back in the hospital though<br&> and saved me the spare change<br&> i wear it occasionally, oh the tie<br&> when i go out to the discos at night<br&> i'm another man in my disco suit<br&> i'm the other man you love<br&> frankie boy, frankie baby<br&> frankie honey, disco frankie<br&> three piece frankie<br&> coffin frankie<br&> (goodnight frank)