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Have you ever tried to write a biography of a homo-power duo? Other than the Pet Shop Boys? I've tried, and it's not easy. The Frogs are the band - they defy explanation. They are filled with an honest contempt for everything. It's apparent in their lyrics, revealing them to be deeply disturbed young men who have wittingly or not stumbled upon a formula for creating music that is truly unique, if not completely absurd. The Frogs are perhaps the biggest musical mystery since Paul blew his mind out in a car (or who's head was in Teddy Pendergrass' lap when he hit the tree anyway?). They deliver the truth like no other band in history.<br&> <br&> We're not talking about some flaccid attempt at gay rights advocacy; The Frogs' sexual manifesto comes from their knowledge that God created MAN in his own image. That all men are homosexual from birth and straight sex is an unfortunate aberration. GAY SUPREMACY is the way to go, brother, and the straight infested pop scene had best prepare to flip their switches, or be vaporized instead.<br&> <br&> The Frogs' Homestead debut It's Only Right & Natural, is a testament to the state of the mixed-up world we live in. It's filled with an abundance of musical wisdom, lyrical treasure and a sexual awareness never before experienced. Songs like "Someone's Pinning Me To The Ground" and "Been A Month Since I Had A Man" reveal the beauty, longing, ecstasy and grim reality behind the gay/lesbian experience in America.<br&> <br&> The masterminds behind The Frogs are brothers Jimmy and Dennis Flemming, perhaps two of the most unlikely crusaders for the cause of homosexual superiority. Defying categorization, physically as well as musically, the Flemming brothers have managed to avoid the trappings of a music business geared towards hype and fashion, rather than strong musical content. Dennis and Jimmy have labored on their musical creations for years. The fruits (no pun intended) have been few and far between. Until now.<br&> <br&> The Frogs are about to disrupt the sanctity and complacency of a prejudiced, backwards music industry with a noise that will shock some, offend others, and bring countless others to the first genuine climax they've felt in a long time. The Frogs pull no punches. They combine a savage drive for recognition with an angelic sensitivity. They are the spokesmen for a new generation of real men rearing their homo heads for the first time. The Frogs: key-masters to the closets of your soul, liberators of your limp appendages and saviors of your true sexuality.<br&> <br&> The Frogs: Founding Revolutionaries of Gay Supremacy, and more!<br&> <br&> Look, it's not as though most of you haven't gargled with sperm before.<br&>