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It's time to face the real facts of life: YOU ARE GAY. YOU HAVE BEEN FROM THE DAY YOU WERE BORN. If you are a man, you truly want nothing better than to make love to another man. If you are a woman, the only thing wrong with you that you are not a man. The Frogs know the scoop. Their message is not one of namby-pamby gay rights advocacy; this is the only genuine GAY SUPREMACY rock & folk happening today. In the rich tradition of David Bowie, David Niven, Stephen Morrissey and Bob Crane.<br&> <br&> Includes the songs:<br&> <br&> I've Got Drugs(Out Of The Mist)<br&> <br&> Someone's Pinning Me To The Ground<br&> <br&> Gather 'Round For Savior #2<br&> <br&> I Don't Care If You Disrespect Me (Just So You Love Me)<br&> <br&> And 9 More<br&>