Hobble Dog Harry (I'm An Artist)

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they used to taunt me, hobble dog harry<br&> why don't you get some legs?<br&> i'm an artist, i'm a contortionist<br&> i used to be a manucurist<br&> but i took up painting and suicide<br&> now i'm an artist<br&> my left leg is gone<br&> my left arm is gone too<br&> i believe in making these things correct<br&>

wish i could get my life correct<br&> i've got my art down to an artform<br&> i sliced off my right arm yesterday<br&> what the fuck, how i'll cut off the other parts<br&> i should've thought of that first<br&>

i don't get many visitors here in the loft<br&> the gallery said fuck off<br&> they don't want my art<br&> though they sold my body down at the delicatessen for liver snacks for dogs<br&> brandy boy bitch bill barney<br&> he came in and bought some last week<br&>

but as an artist, i realise<br&> i can't keep being commercially viable in the marketplace without a dong<br&> i shouldn't have cut that off<br&> actually i didn't cut it off, i had an assistant<br&> crayfish carl, he helped, he helped, he helped a lot<br&> he helped during the operation where they sewed all the parts back on again<br&>

but now the exhibit's over<br&> get on your way<br&> i'm not a freak show<br&> either pay or get the fuck out of my way<br&> i'm an artist<br&> i'm a fartist<br&> i still got my asshole and anus<br&> same thing to you