Have A Merry X-Mas

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happy merry christmas<br&> fucking fairy christmas<br&> happy merry christmas<br&> happy merry new year<br&> i hope you have lots of dead things in packages<br&> for the fact that my daughter ain't here to celebrate this<br&>

have a merry christmas<br&> happy new year<br&> have a happy birthday<br&> have a funny paper evening<br&> why don't you go tell the world you're queer?<br&> it ain't, it ain't a happening night<br&> no lights are on in the house<br&> there ain't no presents under the tree<br&> there's no heat in the fireplace and the damn flame is out<br&>

have a merry christmas<br&> i hope you have a drugged up new year<br&> poisoning my daughter with your doped up lifestyles and bullshit<br&> she's lying under the ground in fear<br&> it is a night to remember things you don't really want to relive<br&> but once in a while i think of my, my wife<br&> she, she died on this merry christmas<br&> she died on a happy new year<br&> she came parachuting out of the sky on an acid filled trip<br&> and joined my daughter down there in hell<br&>

they're having a merry christmas<br&> i know they're having a happy new year<br&> but, in fact i don't want you fuckers to die<br&> i don't want you to join her down there<br&>

satan's pretty good company<br&> they have a real happy christmas<br&> ice cold new year with an ice cold beer in hell<br&> try some drugs<br&> now they talked my daughter and my wife into taking the damn things<br&> and now they're gone and their life is sucked out<br&> it leaves me here with a real, real merry christmas<br&> have a merry new year<br&> have a virgin mary happy birthday and drink yourself some beer<br&>