Gwendyln Macrae

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my daughter's missing<br&> and so i'll call the authorities<br&> i hope she hasn't been raped<br&> this world's a mystery to me<br&>

ohh<br&> she was a straight "a" student from tennessee<br&> a little mentally ill<br&> but as parents we never notice these things<br&>

she's missing<br&> i hope she's missing us today<br&> 'cause we love you<br&> gwendlyn macrae<br&>

ohh<br&> the school said she'd never amount to much<br&> and her boyfriends always wanted<br&> at least a feel or a touch<br&>

and now she's missing<br&> our daughter's missing today<br&> i hope she hasn't been raped<br&> this world's still a game, a mystery to us<br&> as parents today<br&>

gwendyln macrae, we love you girl<br&> gwendyln macrae, gwendlyn macrae<br&> where are you today?<br&> gwendlyn macrae<br&>