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yeah i'm really gonna miss you<br&> yeah, me too<br&> goodbye<br&> remember to write or call<br&> yeah, i hear you<br&> goodbye<br&> love you, yeah<br&> love you too, yeah, right<br&> goodbye<br&> think about you all the time<br&> and i think about you a lot too<br&> oh yeah?<br&> goodbye<br&> keep in touch then<br&> what?<br&> i said keep in touch<br&> yeah, right<br&> goodbye<br&> love you with all my heart<br&> yeah that's what i hear<br&> goodbye<br&> how've you been?<br&> haven't seen you in a while<br&> how are you?<br&> fine<br&> goodbye<br&> yeah i really missed you<br&> not as much as i missed you<br&> oh yeah?<br&> goodbye<br&> don't ever leave again<br&> i won't<br&> you sure?<br&> oh yeah<br&> goodbye<br&> trade you food for pot<br&> what?<br&> i said i'd trade you food for pot<br&> goodbye<br&>


Written by Jimmy, recorded June 24th 1985.