Gather 'round For Savior No.2

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i'm thinking of a bird i love<br&> and everytime i think the bees gather around me<br&> and children start to play at my feet<br&> and the tangerine rabbits play too<br&> and the woods are filled with children laughing<br&>

laughing amongst themselves as if it's some joke<br&> known only to themselves<br&> but they're laughing because they've gone<br&> they've gone to their last church, mass<br&> they've given up on church<br&> because they've found something else<br&> i'm here for the kids<br&>

oh kids disposing of bibles near my feet<br&> oh parents gather in a rage<br&> oh oh i took up this life<br&> when i was half their age<br&>

ah kids singin' like they know<br&> what they're singin' about<br&> kids following my words<br&> screaming, scream and shouting about<br&>

the way my eyes look<br&> there's a certain gleam<br&> that is unlike that of any parent<br&> oh a gleam they know and love<br&>

the kids need not worry when they're with me<br&> oh drop your bibles kids and gather 'round<br&> ah listen to the sound<br&> and listen to what you've always known<br&> to what you've always been<br&> to what you will always see<br&> and gather 'round for savior #2<br&>