G.I. Bill

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mary mckenzie waited all afternoon for the plane to touch down<br&> seems she was watching a bears game on tv<br&> there was a touchdown<br&> she got up and she, she had a beer<br&> then she unlocked the front door, he had arrived<br&> g.i. bill<br&> home from the war, bloody days are over now<br&> she can relax, ah yeah<br&> and she doesn't have to play with herself anymore<br&> for the g.i. is home from rome<br&>

now they go to the barracks, the bedroom, the bunks<br&> one of them is hitting up with heroin, the other is on junk<br&>

oh, his foreplay technique he learned over in germany was bright<br&> and he'll use it tonight<br&> ah, the bloody days are over and she need not stroke off anymore by herself<br&> (she's got a monkey)<br&> she's got g.i. bill<br&>

ah, he's through with her<br&> he used the bitch like most men go through cars<br&>

ah, g.i. bill<br&> (g.i. bill i will)<br&> just before he left<br&> (i wish he was there when...)<br&> he sent her a letter<br&> and she was lying on the bed in a cheerleader sweater<br&> and billy, he was bright, he bit her goodnight<br&> and i wish the sergeant could see him now, as he slipped her the tongue<br&> and as he slipped a grenade in her pussy<br&> ah, g.i. bill, what a hero<br&> and now his wife's a zero<br&> because he pulled the pin<br&>