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Introduction by Jimmy Flemion

Song 10 off of our "Racially Yours" LP, is "Freedom". Freedom was unleashed as my pen met my paper on May 6, 1991 at my work between 5:00 and 5:15: P.M. Take flight, relax, lay back as cages and shackles become history, his story or her story:<br&>


The cage is broken<br&> It’s written in the sky<br&> In spray painted letters<br&> The black dove must fly<br&>

And when he’s flyin’ up there<br&> Don’t shoot him down<br&> Or you’ll go down<br&>

Talkin’ ’bout freedom<br&> In a world full of beasts<br&> Talkin’ ’bout freedom<br&> Who has the least?<br&>

The shackles now wear<br&> A different man<br&> So let the black dove fly<br&> Out of your hand<br&>

And when he’s flyin’ up there<br&> Don’t shoot him down<br&> Or you’ll go down<br&>

Talkin’ ’bout freedom<br&> In a world full of ghosts<br&> Talkin’ ’bout freedom<br&> Who has the most now?<br&>

Talkin’ ’bout freedom<br&>


The chords for the verses / chorus are : G Major / A minor 7 / G Major / A 7 Sus 2 / G Major / A minor 7 / G Major / A 5 Sus 4. All throughout these chords a G A B D B A B G riff is being played on the 4th, 5th and 6th strings. The general overall effect is a solid base from where to think when we are on the G Major chord with it’s root foundation and when we then shift to the A minor chord back and forth with all it’s accents, we mimic the plot with all it’s twists and turns. The chords from the middle eight start their descension from C minor to B minor to B b Major and then start rising in altitude as we approach the phrase "Freedom" to show that our hero has risen through the turbulence.<br&>

The cage is broken. Have you ever danced in a go-go cage and then suddenly realized it was time to work the pole and then top that off with your floor show? In Chapel Hill, North Carolina we were playing a show and I jumped off the stage and jumped into a go-go cage and began to play. It’s written in the sky. If you wanted the sky, I would write across the sky in letters that would soar a thousand feet high, To Sir With Love. What a lyric. What a song. What a vocal. In spray painted letters the black dove must fly. Instead of "Surrender Dorothy", we have now taken our spray cans and graffiti ability to a whole new level. "Graffiti Bridge" the sequel to "Purple Rain", once again I was there opening night in the movie theatre to witness that masterpiece. And when he’s flyin’ up there, Don’t shoot him down, Or you’ll go down. There is a threat here that if you do in fact mess with him, then it will go down. It’s going down. "I’m Going Down". Saw Mickey Dolenz of The Monkees perform that one at Maritime Days in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Great voice, one of the most recognizable of our time, from one of the most underrated bands of our time. Talkin’ ’bout freedom. Talk is cheap. Remember Keith Richards talkin’ ’bout his bandmate Mick Jagger in Keith’s song "All About You" off of "Emotional Rescue". Keith sang, "I’m so sick and tired hanging around with dogs like you, you’re the first to get to get blamed, always the last bitch to get paid". Set me free little girl. ’Cause I’m stone free. I wanna be free like the bluebirds flying by me. Freedom’s just another word for nothing left to lose. Come on now it’s freedom calling, come on over and find yourself. I’m free to do what I want any old time. I’m free and freedom tastes of reality. Speaking of Pete Townsend, on his rock opera "Tommy", he harkens back to other songs on the opera. For example, on "Go To The Mirror Boy", he goes into the "See me, Feel me, Touch me" showcase piece off of the LP. Which brings us to the next line, "In a world full of beasts, who has the least?", which harkens back to the song "White Like Me", ("In this bright city of ghosts, who has the most?") To some, those who are chained up, locked up and incarcerated are labeled beasts. (Of Burden). I saw Eric of the Animals. I saw Eric perform right outside of Elsa’s restaurant in Cathedral park, in the city by the lake, the place where I was born. The shackles now wear a different man. So long as there are those who will rise up and be free, let us praise them and to the unenlightened shadowcasters who would gladly be enslaved, may they one day think as I think the handcuffs are a bit much. So let the black dove fly out of your hand. Into the light of the dark black night, for you’ll know what love is for, I’m a bluebird, as opposed to the whitebird in a golden cage on a winter’s day in the rain, alone. And when he’s flyin’ up there, don’t shoot him down, or you’ll go down. Downed, downed of of my head. Out of our heads. The first time I saw Cheap Trick was when they opened for The Kinks, on their "Sleepwalker" tour in 1977 at the Riverside Theater in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, the city by the lake. Talkin’ ’bout freedom, in a world full of ghosts. It’s like a ghost town, without your love. I saw that tour. The ghost in you, she don’t fade. I saw that tour. "The Ghost In The Machine". I saw that tour as well. "The Ghost And Mr.Chicken" with Don Knotts, I’ve seen that movie too. It appears now that the usually predominantly white shaded ghosts, have become overshadowed and after all only the shadow knows who has the most.<br&>

The track "Freedom", features myself on vocals and acoustic guitar and Dennis ..boards.<br&>