Fetus (It Rhymes With Venus)

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doctor, doctor, i can't sleep<br&> doesn't this hospital have male nurses, doctor?<br&> my wife just had a child<br&> the damn thing is straight<br&>

oh the nurse, with your milky hairy thighed mind<br&> i'm sure you'd be kind enough<br&> to hand me another fetus to fuck<br&>

oh don't look so cross<br&> you heard what i said<br&> give them up<br&>

test tube blues<br&> fucking the fetus's in the nude<br&> some a few days old<br&> others in the formative stages of love<br&> they're in for the shock of their lives<br&> they're in for a shock of my, my life<br&> oh, what i'd like to call my sperm<br&>

penis, it rhymes with venus<br&>

oh, the little boy with the arrows was right<br&> this is a nice night for getting it on with<br&> the little fetus<br&> nurse, take this one back, i'm through<br&> oh, put it over my shoulder<br&> oh, it's time to burp the child<br&> nine months old<br&>

of course i've had younger fetus<br&> rhymes with venus<br&> and penis<br&> was envy that the male nurse had<br&> thank god, that time when he came to my rescue<br&> almost got caught<br&> sometimes i think i should not<br&> have named my child 'penis'<br&> out of mean-ness<br&> to a male who had fucked this fetus<br&> heh heh, me, heh heh