Für Z Muzik Biz (10 Years To Waste)

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virgin virgin<br&>

my fuckin' foot's gettin' tired<br&> i'm so tired of you<br&> i'm gettin' tired<br&> so tired of you<br&>

i'm proud of everything you do<br&> you wasted ten years of my life<br&> i'm not the bastard, it's you<br&> it's you<br&>

i told you before, but it's true<br&> my foot's gettin' tired<br&> and i don't care what you think or what you do<br&> it's all over for you<br&>

you wasted a whole decade, you fucks<br&> you missed the whole goddamn thing<br&> and now, now you blame me<br&> oh you blame me, fuck you<br&>

i 've nothing to lose<br&> fuck you, fuck you<br&> la da da da da<br&>