Evil Arnold (w/ The Ugly Name)

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i'm here t' hurt you<br&> i'm here t' cause you all kinds of pain<br&> i'm evil arnold<br&> the guy with the ugly name<br&>

i'm here t' cause violence<br&> and blood flowing and tears streaming down your face<br&> and your hands have been removed, your legs too<br&> your body and soul have been sold<br&> your fuckin' house has been put up for auction<br&>

i'm evil arnold, jack's brother<br&> i took the life of your mother<br&> i took the life of your father<br&> i took the lives of everyone<br&> my name is arnold<br&>

how'd ya like a heart attack?<br&> that wasn't me speakin' that sounded like jack<br&>

i'm evil, evil arnold<br&> i ain't no pig<br&> i don't get dirty with the bodies<br&> once i killed 'em<br&> i'm arnold with the ugly name<br&>