Dykes Are We

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it may seem to other people<br&> like we've come from outer space<br&> but we're really just two<br&> nurses on the staff<br&> nurses on the staff<br&>

and now it's time for a break<br&> we'll slip out back<br&> and slip out of our clothes<br&> and i'll shave your moustache off<br&> and maybe you can check out my new tattoo<br&>

ohhh<br&> dykes are we<br&> ahhh ecstacy (dykes out to lunch)<br&> this is our land<br&> this is our world but (dyke bitch...)<br&> dykes are we (dyke bitch whorelette of love)<br&> oh yeah<br&>

slipping dildo after dildo (dildo)<br&> out of our mouths and pussies<br&> and if you're lucky<br&> maybe it's a friday<br&> i'll suck your tits bitch<br&>

dykes are we (dyke bitchin'... rubber tit mama)<br&> living in ecstacyland tonight (slit bitch rubber tit mama)<br&> dykes are we<br&> ecstacy is ours in each other's arms<br&>

ohhh<br&> there's no chance we'll ever get aids<br&> and by the way i'm a nurse<br&> so if you ever want me to come to your aid<br&> i mean come to your aid (cum, i'll cum)<br&> you know damn well what i do on saturdays<br&>

dykes are we (dyke rubber slit dyke fucking tit)<br&> saturdays are pussy sucking days (pussy sucking whore fucking bitching dyke woman you are)<br&> dykes are we (dykes times three)<br&> living in ecstacyland (times seven)<br&> today (ohh... weiner woman)<br&> today<br&>

dykes are we<br&>