Drugs, Witches, Chalices & Love Is Here Now

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witches on drugs<br&> and who's pulling the plug out of the headmaster's nose<br&> his rosy beard is glowing now<br&> oh, the witches eyes are glowing<br&> the witches toes are snoring<br&> the drugs are being passed around<br&> the pastor's joining in with his crown, magically tinted<br&>

oh-ho-ho-ho-ho-ho-ho-ho-ho-ho-ho<br&> laughter as the last monk's neck is sliced<br&>

drugs and witches and bondage<br&> drugs and witches and chalices<br&> drugs, witches, chalices & love is here now<br&> aw-ha-ha-ha-ha<br&>

aw, ch-caw-ca-chaw, ch-caw-caw<br&> sammy davis has joined in with the chalice doing a lovely thing<br&> with the witches dancing wildly<br&> they've just taken drugs of love, well<br&>

"drop your drugs here in this magical potion", said officer mcgee<br&>

but back inside the temple caveyard<br&> they experimented here and there taking drugs<br&> slicing necks and drinking chalices full of drugs of love blood<br&> and urine<br&>