Donny Swan Boy (At The Fair)

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on the loose like a sawed off goose<br&> donny swan boy at the fair<br&> twenty five cents will get you in<br&> how you spend your time after that is your own business<br&> don't poke fun at others who are not as fortune as yourself<br&> such as donny swan boy with no legs<br&> donny swan boy begging for a...<br&> for a stroller<br&> down by the pond you'll see him walking or crawling<br&> donny swan boy<br&> what a calm boy he is tonight<br&> but when he pulls out the bible at the show<br&> you never know when he talks about dead swans<br&> and you think he is refering to himself<br&> he's talking about bobby jim in hell<br&> feathers falling off of donny boy<br&> hear him cough donny boy<br&> chow down<br&>

well, the fair<br&> ready to leave<br&> and donny can't breathe in the back of the bus<br&> tough luck, you'll have to sleep with the other fowl<br&> donald, donald swan bummy boy<br&> you got legs like gandhi had before they were removed<br&> you got totie fields beat, buddy<br&>