Don't Close Up The Peepshows

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don't close up the peepshows<br&> 'cause ? gets old whatever i am<br&> i love to masturbate in the peepshows<br&> it's a kings life at the peepshow<br&> i'm casually waiting for young boys to arrive<br&> but you have to be eighteen or over<br&> oh why, why can't we enjoy pornography?<br&> and sex with the animals?<br&> i think i'll take my problems to the president<br&> of course, mother agrees with my outlook<br&> i'm looking for a hispanic in the peepshow stall<br&> i see something long and furry come through the wall<br&> sort of greasy, so i figure it's a mexican and i take him inside<br&> accepting the fact, that mother always enjoyed mexican lovers<br&> especially if he was only twelve<br&> he was tall, they didn't check an i.d. that night<br&> and long for his age and tall and nude and looking rather peculiar<br&> with a red ball taped up in his mouth<br&> and with some marbles taped down to his eyes<br&> and mother, i wish you could come sometime upto the peepshow<br&> you'd enjoy it like i do when the mexican appears out of the shadows<br&>