Don't B Afraid

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Introduction by Jimmy Flemion

Song 6 side 2 of everybody's favorite first Frogs LP is a track entitled "Don't B Afraid". Let it b known that these are the original lyrics that were deleted from the song.

Original Lyrics

Never be afraid<br&> Don't ever be afraid<br&> Your eyes are darker<br&> Than the night<br&> And darker than a spade<br&>

Strong hearts they will crack<br&> But there's just no turning back<br&> If vampiras attack let them attack<br&>

Go run hide<br&> Do these things and you will lose<br&>

Album Lyrics

don't b afraid<br&> there's nothing here 2 harm you<br&> don't b ashamed<br&> there's nothing there to alarm you<br&> don't run away<br&>

don't b afraid<br&> 'cause your heart won't harm you<br&> i was afraid<br&> now i know the moral<br&> don't run away<br&>

crack, bend, break<br&> all these things your heart will do<br&> cry, beg, bleed<br&> do these things your heart will lose<br&>

monsters and ghosts<br&> don't exist, i assure you<br&> don't grab you coat<br&> don't resist, embrace them<br&> don't run away<br&>


"Don't B Afraid" is a turn on a phrase I read in a book at the library- that there are 4 rules that gypsies live by.

  1. Never be afraid
  2. Never knock
  3. Belief in 3's and 6's (What's up with that?)
  4. Wary of cameras

I have another song I wrote called "I Always Wake Up With You" that I use those lyrics in as well.<br&>

In 3's and 6's I believe<br&> I never knock<br&> And I'm wary of cameras<br&>

In the song "Don't B Afraid" looking back 21 years later at the song I was most likely telling myself to dive into love. "Remember love." Yoko once taught us. Remember Yoko Ono? James Iha? -these are all stage names. Roberta Joan Anderson or Joni Mitchell as you know her once wrote in "Both Sides Now" ("I really don't know love at all"). She should have come to me I am an expert. Donovan said he pre-dated John Lennon's "All You Need Is Love" with his song "Sunny Goodge Street" when he sang "love, love, love". I know as a child I was afraid of the dark (dark bedrooms, dark basements) but to be perfectly honest there are far too many people who are afraid of the light.<br&>

The chord progression for the verses of "Don't B Afraid " is G Major / G Diminished / G Major / E minor. The chord progression for the chorus is D Major / C Major / A Major. The chord progression for the middle eight is E minor / D Major.<br&>

The track "Don't B Afraid" contains bass guitar played by myself-bass lines written by Dennis, acoustic and electric guitars played by myself, keyboards written and played by Dennis, drums written by Dennis and played by the drum machine and double-tracked vocals by myself.<br&>

Written by Jimmy on January 20th 1986.<br&>