Do You Think I'm Coming (We've Been Loving For 25 Hours Straight, I Intend To Cum Any Hour Now)

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ew, i could fill a pond<br&> do you think i'm coming?<br&> check your hemmorhaging blood-drenched cheeks<br&> do you think i'm coming?<br&> you better check again, your sheets are blood red<br&> we've been loving for 25 hours straight<br&> i intend to cum any hour now<br&>

have i cum yet?<br&> i'll let you know when i do<br&> i'm sure by then you may stop bleeding<br&> you know you disappoint me<br&> i thought you had more blood<br&> i guess i must have sucked most of it out by now<br&>

what time is it?<br&> we better get you to the hospital<br&> i haven't cum in 26 hours, doctor<br&> nurse, get a rag, i seem to have spilled<br&> well the nurse got the rag from the priest<br&> who was attending the doctor who just died<br&> flooded with sperm he died right there in the corridor<br&> nobody could move it was to the top of the ceiling<br&> nobody could move it spread to the other end of the hospital<br&> patients who were almost recovering are now dead<br&>

have i cum yet?<br&> you bet!<br&> i may cum again at any moment<br&> when i do, you'll know<br&>