Dear Granny

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you won't be needing this geritol bottle where you're going, woman<br&> the other side of the grave has no need for these things<br&>

dear granny, your granny glasses are laying in the gutter<br&> you'll find your smashed dentures right next to your smashed hearing aid<br&> dear granny, your fanny was ransacked and ransexed<br&> and in a bloody coma you lay<br&> the doctors refuse to operate on the old<br&>

but today, i put a flower on your grave<br&> i pissed on it first though<br&>

but, dear granny, how ya doin'?<br&> not too good, huh?<br&> dear grampa, there's nothing you can do<br&> to protect gramma, 'cause you see<br&> i've killed you too<br&>