Darkmeat 4 Sale

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Introduction by Jimmy Flemion

Song 17 off of our LP "Racially Yours", is called "Darkmeat 4 Sale". It was written on March 15th, 17th and 18th of 1992. It is such a great song, it took 3 days to perfect. I personally prefer the light breast meat when it comes to chicken, but this song does not deal with chicken, rather it deals with a human sale item.<br&>

Here then are the darker shade of pale laced lyrics :<br&>


Every week it's the same<br&> Dark meat for sale<br&> And like others I know<br&> It's hard to pass up a sale<br&>

And at the very least<br&> She'll keep me warm<br&> Nine months to the day<br&> Field hand is born<br&>

Everyone looks the same<br&> Dark meat for sale<br&> No one has a last name<br&> "X" marks the sale<br&>

There's a fork around your neck<br&> Forks are for food<br&> It was just a joke<br&> To lighten the mood<br&>

There's a song in the air<br&> The boys start to sing<br&> It's as if through their words<br&> They're plotting something<br&>


The chord progression for the verse / chorus is : G Major / A Major / G Major / D Major. The 4 / 5 / 1 chord progression has an effect of putting your nose right there in the face of the action and of giving you a big whiff of what's going on. The middle eight chord progression is : D 7 / G Major / G minor 5 / G b Minor 7 / E Major / E minor / A Major. The constant changing of the chords in the middle eight, turn your head to focus on the action of the story line and call into question your own thoughts about what is taking place.<br&>

Every week it's the same dark meat for sale. There's a sale going on every week and it's a slave auction. A long time ago, when cable television was in it's infancy, there was something called Select TV. We had it and we saw movies on there, such as "Mandingo" and "Drum", which may have influenced the slave block concept idea. And like others I know, it's hard to pass up a sale. I call that a bargain, the best I ever had. You want it, you take it, you pay the price. Speaking of Bruce, seeing Springsteen back in 1976, was a moment when you had to have been there, to have experienced what it was like and to be able to describe it. Back then, you could sneak down as close as you could to the stage, and squat down in the aisle so that the seat attendants couldn't see you and ask for your ticket stub. During the songs , he would tell his stories and I would get goose bumps from the emotion of the performance. Pastor Bruce had a grip on his flock and church was in session. I would sing or scream Springsteen songs at the top of my lungs in the garage with my guitar plugged into my amp. The only other time I can remember getting goose bumps at a show, was seeing Gary Numan during his "Telekon" tour, when the lights and music kicked in for the very first time during the opening song of his set, "This Wreckage". And at the very least, she'll keep me warm. It's always a nice feeling to have a warm body next to you. Nine months to the day, field hand is born. That is a pregnancy and birth to come to fruition, and the ultimate destination and future destination of the newborn, is to work in the fields. Stone cold slaver, ship bound for cotton fields as Michael Philip Jagger or Mick Jagger, as you know him once wrote in the song "Brown Sugar". Everone looks the same, darkmeat for sale. Really that is a statement that is leveled at all nationalities. No one has a last name. Just as in the bible, no last names are given. "X" marks the sale. Either by branding or a signature. Those who could not write, could muster an "x" on a page. There's a fork around your neck. This was a shackle for the neck. Forks are for food. As are knives and spoons. It was just a joke to lighten the mood. There could perhaps be some taunting going on here. There's a song in the air, the boys start to sing. Railroad songs, blues songs, or spiritual songs were the songs of the day in the repertoire. It's as if through their words, they're plotting something. Which was the case, the slaves were singing messages to each other through their song choices. The original deleted line was, "And though I sing along, it don't mean a thing". Every week it's the same. Every week in the world, someone plays the starring role of a slave, and it's up to y'all to break the cycle.<br&>

The track "Darkmeat 4 Sale", contains vocals and acoustic guitar by myself and keyboards and drums by Dennis.<br&>