Daniel (Devil Dog Boy)

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oh daniel, daniel<br&> you'll never leave the circus daniel<br&> mmm, daniel<br&> devil dog boy you were<br&> your daring feats of hairiness<br&> oh you had it all<br&> but you know you didn't have it all<br&> no no, daniel<br&> devil dog boy daniel<br&> daniel, daniel<br&>

oh, it's a dirty rotten shame<br&> they cut off your rocks to tame you<br&> noone can name you<br&>

but, daniel on the side of the road, daniel<br&> hitchhiking with your thumb out a mile away<br&> inside someone's rump<br&> kevin keith brenton jones<br&> sat inside his bogus hairy throne<br&> until daniel showed up<br&> he left the circus five weeks prior<br&> he was hard, he couldn't get any higher<br&> i thought they removed his rocks?

well, henry boy, he was surprised as me<br&> 'till he met daniel<br&> devil butch pig, daniel, daniel<br&> daniel, wolfing waffle boy daniel

do you have a brother?<br&> no, i've got a sister danielle<br&> tell her to go to...

dan danny dan daniel