Crowbridge No.2

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never saw a girl like crowbridge<br&> never knew a world like crowbridge<br&> what a world with crowbridge<br&> what a dream come true<br&> christmas time<br&> 365 days a year with crowbridge<br&> getting some tit and enjoying it too with crowbridge<br&> i don't know how you could make the girl lord<br&> but she's your gift to this world<br&> the beauty of crowbridge<br&> boyfriends by the dozens<br&> scott, terry and ron gather 'round for your affections<br&> you don't mind, they certainly don't<br&> 'cause they know what you're worth<br&> all the beauty in the world belongs to crowbridge<br&> to crowbridge, to crowbridge, to crowbridge<br&> thankyou lord for crowbridge<br&> for crowbridge, for crowbridge, for crowbridge, for crowbridge<br&>