Country Boy

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down to my last buck<br&> as i stroll into town<br&> i put my suitcase down<br&> and pick up my guitar<br&>

well everybody loves me 'cause i sing such beautiful songs<br&> well everybody loves me because i'm from the free part of the world<br&> i'm a country boy<br&> everybody can't take their eyes off'a me<br&> everybody can't take their bodies off of me<br&> the country boy<br&>

everyone stopped when i walked into town<br&> they said "look at that man and listen to his crazy sound"<br&> i only did one bad show in ten years<br&> hell, i'm not that proud<br&> to admit that i did a bad show<br&> it was such a long time ago<br&>

and i expected the man in the first row to pick up a gun<br&> but nobody's that strong to kill a<br&> country boy<br&> a country boy<br&> you love your country boys<br&> everybody needs a country boy<br&> as their toy<br&> country toy, country boy<br&> country boy, country toy<br&> hold in your arms<br&> don't do any harm to country boys<br&> oh you hold 'em so close every night<br&> and you kiss 'em real slow<br&> and you kiss 'em real tight<br&> and you purse your lips<br&> and you never pick up a gun<br&>

country boy (country boy)<br&> a country boy (country boy)<br&> country boy (country boy)<br&> everybody loves a country boy<br&>

down to my last buck<br&> and no one gives a...<br&> down to my last buck<br&>