Concert History

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1980-1982 Early Years

1983-1986 Death Songs Era

1988-1990 Tour De Gay

1991-1992 Racially Yours Shows

1993-1996 Starjob & Beyond

1996-1997 Smashing Pumpkins World Tour

During this time, Dennis joined the band Smashing Pumpkins on tour as their keyboardist. Listed below are the dates Dennis played with the band as well as appearances with Jimmy, who also toured with them as part of the crew. In 1997 Jimmy also joined Sebastian Bach's band on tour. (If anyone has any information regarding the '97 Sebastian Bach tour or any shows performed by The Last Hard Men then please email me at

1997-2000 Post-Ear Damage Shows

2001-2004 Hopscotch Lollipop Shows

2005 Onwards